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Amazing 50th Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas

Madhura Pandit
A 50th birthday, is a special occasion in everyone's life. You have completed half a century on Earth! If you are planning to bake and decorate the birthday cake yourself, you need not stick to the tried-and-tested designs, there is an incredible range of options available for cake decoration.
'I have enjoyed greatly the second blooming...suddenly you find - at the age of 50, say - that a whole new life has opened before you.' - Agatha Christie
A 50th birthday is like a beginning of a new life. At 50, you are neither too old, nor too young; therefore, this birthday is considered very special. Since a special birthday celebration may already be on the cards, know that the birthday cake should be equally classic and special.
The 50th birthday cake decoration ideas should be inspired from the person's choices, and your own creativity. A personally made birthday cake can also be a great birthday gift.
Being 'over the hill' is a phrase used to describe a 50th birthday. Make a hill-shaped cake with brown or green icing. Or make a simple cake with green and brown icing, make the green icing look like fresh grass.
If the person likes books, you can decorate a single rectangular cake like a book, or use two rectangular cakes to make an open book. You can even have some of the memorable incidences of the person's life written on it using an icing pen.
Make a cake in the shape of number 50 and decorate it with colorful icing, fruits, nuts and berries.
For sport lovers, birthday cake decorations related to sports, or cakes in the shape of a sport field or any sport equipment is a good idea.
A birthday cake in the shape of a decorative gift box or a jewelry box can also be made for women. You just have to decorate a rectangular cake like a gift box using actual ribbons, cake decoration material and colorful icing.
You can have a wine bottle or a beer mug shaped cake. Another way, you can have wine bottle-shaped chocolates placed on top of the cake.
You can make a cake in the shape of an elegant hat for a woman. There is no specific idea for the shape and decoration for this cake. You can design and decorate it according to your wish and creativity.
You can make a 3-4 tiered cake, with the special moments of the person's life written or drawn on each layer. You can even make use of decorative eatable items for cake decoration. You can use candles and arrange them in the shape of the number 50.
You can even have decorated cup cakes and arrange them together. Cupcake birthday cakes are gaining a lot of popularity these days.
A simple traditional black forest chocolate cake with cherries is always a hit among people. You can be creative in arranging the cherries in a different manner on top of the cake and make a simple yet classic birthday cake.
These birthday cake decorating ideas will help you to make a tempting treat for the person turning fifty. A party, along with a creative cake, can definitely help you make the birthday truly memorable for your loved one. Good luck!