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Sensational 40th Birthday Party Ideas

Turning 40 isn't as bad as it sounds. Every birthday should be welcomed with as much excitement as a sweet 16th birthday, even if you don't feel quite as nimble.
Manali Oak
Let's take a look at how you can celebrate your 40th birthday, coming out of it feeling alive, younger, and ready to turn a new leaf.
In a Utopian world, hatred is a myth; concordance is a way of life; and the fountain of youth provides in abundance. But on earth, things aren't as dandy. While such a state of being is the stuff of imagination and dreams, we can still have our morsels of Utopian bliss wherever the pieces fit.
Work can drag you down, and so can other things in your life. But when an opportunity such as your birthday comes around, do not treat it lightly. It's like Christmas - the only difference is that the attention is not on Santa, but you.
The point is, we have one day of the year where the spotlight shines bright and clear on us, so why be nonchalant and treat it like any other day?
You deserve your 24-hours of mirth and relaxation, so do yourself and everyone else that loves you, a favor - celebrate your birthday. Whether you like it simple and sweet, or grand and sensational, you'll find something that works for you in our 40th birthday party ideas.

For the Big-Hearted

Turn a dull, dreary day into the kind that will have people talking about it, all week. Celebrate your 40th birthday with coworkers!
We're all too busy staring at our computer screens to ever notice that it's someone's birthday. Turn a dull, dreary day into the kind that will have people talking about it, all week. Have close friends from work help with the arrangements to put together your party.
Alert the management that you'd like to celebrate your birthday at the office. Order for appetizers, dessert, decorations, a big cake, and party supplies that you will need. Set up the decorations in the evening after work hours, and have the refreshments delivered the next day during lunch hour.
While celebrating your birthday at work sounds like a lame thing to do, the fact is that you have a bunch of coworkers that are worth celebrating it with. Don't forget that family and friends will need your time too, post office hours.

For the Suave

Even if you've never been to a black-tie party, this is your chance to be a part of one, and host it too!
Do black-tie events crowd your social calendar? Is it something you look forward to like an eager child? Some people really know how to party with elan.
If you're the sort who loves sophisticated affairs, that reel in intellectual conversations over bubbly and beautiful entrées, then this birthday can embody that theme. Send everyone you know a formal invite, stressing on the fact that it is a black-tie birthday affair.

For the Busy Bee

Take a vacation around your birthday, and book an entire week away from work. You'll come back from your trip feeling rejuvenated and more at ease.
Has it been a while since you've taken a vacation with the family? Working so hard, you don't have time to catch your breath? Then you need to seriously slow down. Overworking yourself is just going to put your body under persistent stress - it isn't good for you.
Take a minute and think about the people in your life, and how you never seem to find the time to be home, or visit. Take a vacation around your birthday. Don't let your job interfere during this time. Do something nice for yourself and just go on that much-needed trip.
There are a lot of reasonably-priced vacation spots around the globe, so do a little digging and find a place that falls within your budget. Consider destination packages for Bangkok, Bali, Egypt, Mexico, or Peru.

For the Exotic

Choose a beautiful restaurant or shack overlooking the beach, for an experience that takes your mind away from the hustle and bustle of quotidian life.
If home is where your heart is, then go ahead and stick to the familiar. But instead of having your birthday close to home, venture a little further away like to a different state. It doesn't have to be really far away, but a place that you can drive down to.
These are just some of the best beach restaurants:
  • Mozambique Restaurant and Asada(Laguna Beach, California)
  • Chill on Tedder and Provincial Restaurant (Main Beach - Queensland, Australia)
  • Cary Arms (Beach Road - Babbacombe, UK)
  • Ju-Ju's (Mount Steadfast - St. James, Barbados)
  • Moonshadows (Malibu, United States)
  • WestBeach Bar and Restaurant (Pier Approach - Bournemouth, UK)
  • Margaritaville (Pensacola Beach, United States)
  • The Star of Greece (Port Willunga, Australia)
  • Fifteen Cornwall (On the Beach - Watergate Bay, UK)
  • Flora-Bama Lounge (Florida, United States)
  • Thai Gulf (Huntington Beach, CA)

For the Weekender

Pack your bags and head with close friends or family to a resort / villa for your 40th birthday.
It doesn't have to be an exotic place, but the kind that you can consider returning to. Check out websites like Virtual Tourist and Villas of Distinction for ideas of where to go, where trusted reviews from visitors can help. Since it's just a two-day weekend getaway, you can keep it small and fuss-free.
If you want additional guests besides those who are closest to you, then make convenient travel arrangements for the entourage. The best thing to do is choose a place a few hours away, and hire a bus to take you to, and bring you back from the destination.
With these 40th birthday party ideas, you'll spend quality time with those that mean the world to you and have the time of your life. With a little bit of early planning and researching, you'll have the sort of birthday that blows away the blues.