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40th Birthday Party Themes

Mukta Gaikwad Feb 12, 2020
Ideas for 40th birthday party themes must be such, that they make the event a success like none other! Just because you're older now that you were yesterday, does not mean you cannot have fun and live life like there's no tomorrow!
Birthday is the biggest reason to celebrate. The 40th birthday is all the more a reason to celebrate the life lived so far. Throw a party that the birthday person will remember it forever. The most important part of the party is the theme, which must be quirky, lively, and exciting. Pull up your socks, before you let your hair loose so that this party will be the mother of all parties!
When it comes to throwing a birthday party, deciding the theme is the most important part. Without a theme, getting the decorations and setting the mood is sort of impossible. Hence, fix a theme. And think a little out of the box. The fact that it's the 40th birthday party, the birthday person must be working and leading a mundane life. Put on your thinking caps and plan a party that's nothing close to regular.

Trip to the Farm

Trip to the farm means animals! It's your chance to be a party animal and a real one too! To bringing the room alive with animals, you'll need plastic animals, life size if possible. Preferably, arrange the party in a garden for the farm effect. Have a fence with animals inside it. To make the d├ęcor look real, have real animals, but don't forget to get their trainers, because wild animals was not what you planned for.


'With great power comes great responsibility', so said Spider Man. Put on your costume and get to work. For a superhero party, you'll firstly need costumes or you can ask your guests be dressed in their costumes. Then create a scene from any super hero movie. Have dark and dim lighting for the suspense effect. Make sure the birthday person is dressed in superhero costume too.

Heaven Meets Hell

This is an interesting theme and there's a huge scope for imagination. You could have the ceiling of the place in hell-like decor. For that, you'll have to get cut-outs of flames and the devil himself. And the floor can have the misty effect, with blowers on the sides of the room. If you serving alcohol, then the bar can be heaven and the food counter hell! That sound's like fun. The guests can come dressed in costumes related to the theme.

Blast from the Past

Hippies are still in vogue and can be made a part of a 40th birthday party theme! Dress up as hippies with big flowers in the head, create a platform like the Woodstock for the birthday party, and have a live band playing. This theme won't require much decoration. A lot can be done with costumes though. Loose colorful outfits would be the best dress code for this party.
Lots of balloons, snow, and confetti sprays, hats and whistles, are some of the obvious decoration material that you'll require. Get innovative with your 40th birthday party decoration ideas to make the event a memorable one. Don't forget that the birthday cake has to go with the theme, so make sure you've placed the order in advance.