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Innovative 40th Birthday Ideas for Your Husband

Rujuta Borkar Mar 1, 2020
Need some 40th birthday ideas for husband? The following information will give you some ideas of what to get him.
Turning 40 is a major deal. He's on that 'I'm not young anymore, Not old yet' phase and that's got him sort of low on the mood front. So what you decide to do, you decide to make his 40th birthday really special.
But do you have all it takes to get there? May be you have some ideas, but here's our offering―40th birthday ideas for husband that will get him out of that funk for good. Interested? Well then, keep reading and at the end surely you'll have a real beauty planned out.

40th Birthday Party Ideas for Husband

There's a birthday so there has to be a party? Not necessarily. Not the exaggerated extravagant kind anyway. Unless of course he prefers it that way. The point being, you need to find out what he prefers.
If being with just a close set of friends is going to do the trick, then so be it. But if a huge group of relatives and friends together is what he needs then let's get him that.

Assorted Groups

Over the years, one develops friends that can be categorized into school friends, college friends, work friends, gym friends etc. So if you're up to it and you know he'll like it that way, plan a separate dinner for each of the groups.
That way he can have his comfort level with each of them without having to worry about neglecting a particular group for the other. God knows he'll have fun with this great birthday party idea.


Why settle for the usual restaurant/ living room/ garden party when you can think of a completely unique location that has never been tried before? Think yachts. Think the rooftop of a 40 floor building. Think an auditorium or amphitheater of a school ground.
Then the usual decorations will probably follow, but the thrill of a new place will be a welcome change from the birthday parties he's been having through his life. Think about it.

Adventure Sports

Forget all the rules about a normal birthday party and go in for something that is just not expected. If you guys are into good shape and are not weak-hearted then this is really a good option to be looking into―do some adventure sports.
It could be paragliding, bungee jumping, sky diving, or even a milder version of the above―scuba diving. That adrenaline rush that it'll give him will simply wipe away all the lows.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

Book Collection

If he's a voracious reader, he's bound to have a list of favorites. Order the really rare, really unique, vintage book collections and surprise him. It could be a rare copy of his childhood comics book or the out-of-publication rare hardcover.
Getting a gift that has special memories attached to it is something he'll love and cherish for the rest of his life.

High-end Gift

This one's it. You know the really, really expensive, you'd have to sacrifice-your-kids-college-tuition kind of gift. Something he's always fantasized about but never really bought. Buy him that.
It could be golf clubs or a high-end camera or any other gadget. Of course you must have your finances in order and plan this one out well before actually getting down to it. Many times we simply discard the idea as preposterous without ever giving it a due thought.
And there you have it, some out of the box 40th birthday ideas for husband that you can use and make his birthday extra special. Surely he'll love what you've planned out. Have a great party!