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Wonderful 40th Birthday Ideas

Kundan Pandey Mar 2, 2020
A person's 40th birthday is a huge deal, and not because of the age, but as it shows his/her accomplishments in life and a reason to celebrate them. Here we give you some ideas on celebrating this big day the right way.
Completing 40 years of life can be an achievement in itself, for it brings with it a life that has matured and gained incredible experiences. For some, it may have been a tough journey, and for others, a mixture of good and bad times.
But no matter what your experiences have been, it's time to make a toast, hit the dance floor, and enter a new phase of life with full energy, excitement, and of course, loads and loads of fun. We have put together some ideas that we think will inspire you enjoy the day to the fullest.

Ideas for 40th Birthday

First of all, don't forget to invite your friends, colleagues, and family members. If it is possible, send them invitations beforehand. If you think that's going to be a bit expensive, then send an e-card instead.
When you see your friends (both old and new), you are surely going to cherish the memories of your past and have a rocking time. Birthday ideas are fun to plan and are sure to leave you with some unforgettable memories.

Express Yourself!

If you have some interest in writing and poetry, then pen down some poems for your loved ones! It may be anyone from your family or even among your workmates.
Recite the poem in front of everyone and express yourself! Even if you can't write, pick some beautiful poems from a book or the Internet.

Rocking Party

Depending on your budget, organize a theme party. Like if you and your friends are die-hard fans of rock music and certain movies in your teens, then keep the theme as 'Rock Music' or 'Old Style Movies'. Select a dress code for the party and have an incredible time.


It's not the weakhearted. Invite your family members and friends for a day filled with paintball fun. Have a nice lunch or dinner afterwards, and spend the day having long conversations with everyone.
If life isn't enjoyed playing and having fun with your loved ones, then what else is there to live?

Be Creative

Decorate your garden, living room, or patio with wonderful lights for an intimate party. You can have a potluck dinner or a themed party where everyone is involved.

Musical Birthday

Including music in your party is another great idea that you can't ignore to any cost! Check out the local bands and give your party a musical turn.
Include your friends, relatives and everyone in the celebration and request them to present songs or simply express their feelings!

Plan an Outing

Plan an outing in or around your city, and spend the entire day with your family. If you prefer a trekking or hiking trip, then plan ahead of time and ask everyone's opinions. Dive into the beauty of the mountains and refresh yourself for a beginning of life.

Be Adventurous

Adventure sports is also a bright idea to make your birthday a memorable one. Go for skydiving, boating, and paragliding camps in your city.
As we mentioned earlier, age is not a negative factor here. It's all about living life to the fullest and enjoying it the way you want.

Family Breakfast

Have the entire family over for a lovely birthday breakfast. Try different types of cuisines and spend the morning chit chatting about the important things that are happening in your lives.
No party or celebration is complete without loads of gifts. So, remember to bring a gift for the birthday boy/girl, and have an amazing time enjoying this special day.