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40th Birthday Gifts for Wife

Aastha Dogra Feb 16, 2020
On her 40th birthday, tell your wife that she is the most important person in your life by doing something unique for her. Let's see some interesting 40th birthday gifts for your wife.
Your wife is your best friend. She is the one person in this world whom you love and trust the most. You cannot say enough thank you, if you had to, for all the things she did for you!
So, if a special day in her life is fast approaching, such as her 40th birthday, you should do or get something so unique for her, that it expresses all the feelings and emotions that you have for the amazing lady in your life!

An 'Off' Day!

Compared to men, women have a hard deal in life. Each and every day of their lives, women are trying their best to meet their personal and professional commitments. Although you might be helping her out in some household chores, yet the responsibility for managing the house is mostly hers.
So, one of the most thoughtful birthday gift ideas for your wife is to give her an off day! Tell her that you will be the one taking care of the house and kids and that she does not even have to lift a finger! Knowing women, she is sure to appreciate this sweet and caring gesture of yours!

Birthstone Jewelry!

Want to play safe? Get your woman an exquisite piece of jewelry. A good idea here is to get her a ring or a pendant, which has her birthstone inscribed in it.
Wearing birthstone jewelry is considered to be very auspicious and lucky according to astrology. So, on her 40th birthday, wish her all the love and luck in life by gifting her birthstone jewelry.

A Gift Basket!

Give her a gift basket which has 40 of her favorite items.
You can include things, like cosmetics, wine bottles, handbags, artificial jewelry pieces, CDs and DVDs of her favorite songs and films, a decorative mirror, photo frame, scented candles, bathrobe, etc. When your woman gets to receive so many gifts in one go, she will be all the more excited about this milestone birthday in her life!

Shopping Spree!

Do you know what makes a woman really happy? Well, it is buying things that she needs as well as buying things that she does not need, without worrying even a wee bit about the payment for the same!
Take her to an upmarket shopping complex and give her the freedom to buy whatever she wants! Tell her that you are going to pay the entire bill and that she can pick whatever things, clothes, cosmetics, etc., that catch her fancy! Believe us, she will be thrilled!

Surprise Party!

Throw her a surprise party! This is the best gift that any man can ever think of! In the party, invite all her close family and friends (even the ones you can't stand!).
As reaching forty is a milestone for any woman, so plan the birthday celebrations around her. Put up a presentation on your wife's life by playing pre-recorded messages from her close relatives and friends. Make a collage of her photographs, and put it in the center of the venue for everyone to see.
The party menu should have all her favorite dishes and if possible, arrange for a four tier birthday cake, celebrating the four decades of her life! She is sure to love this queenly treatment meted out to her by you!

Romantic Boat Ride!

For those of you who want to do something romantic, a good idea is to take your wife on a boat ride. Just imagine, your wifeand you, standing near the deck under the moonlight, listening to the waves of water splashing against the boat! Romantic, isn't it?
To make it even more special, arrange for the dinner at the boat itself. Carry some high quality wine and dark chocolates. Tell her that she is the most beautiful woman in the world and make love to her under the moonlight! This is one birthday she will never ever forget!

Some Pampering!

Book a day at an upscale spa for your wife. Arrange for her to have body massages, facials, and other relaxing beauty treatments there. After all the stress that women go through in life, a relaxing, soothing day gifted by you is exactly what she needs!
40th birthday gifts should be chosen as per her personality and liking. If she is a die-hard romantic, a boat ride would be an ideal gift. If it's the company of her  dear ones that makes her happy, throw her a party. On the other hand, if she is the do it yourself, headstrong kinds, get her a gift certificate so that she can choose whatever gift she wants!