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40th Birthday Gift Ideas

Loveleena Rajeev Feb 11, 2020
Buying and presenting birthday gifts has always been a tricky affair. And buying a gift for a 40-year old needs loads of imagination. Read this BirthdayFrenzy post to know what one can get for a person who probably already has everything.
Buying gifts for a 40th birthday requires some forethought and good planning. There are many things one needs to asses while buying a birthday gift. The gender, relation, and also the receiver's tastes have to be kept in mind. The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is that the receiver should be able to enjoy the gift.

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Gift Ideas for 40th Birthday

For Parents

Parents should be gifted with things that show effort. A handmade birthday card with a basket full of flowers, would be the cutest gift to give. One can create a scrapbook with a collage of family and friends' pictures, accompanied with thoughts about him or her. Wondering what to get your mom for her 40th birthday? Celebrate it by giving her a day off from her daily chores. Better still, cook for her and present it in an elaborate setting.
You can do the same for your father; give him a day off from cleaning the yard by doing it yourself. You can also buy some beautiful jewelry for your mother or a gadget for your father. Try throwing a surprise birthday party for the parent and invite all his/her friends over. Any one or a combination of these ideas would make a great 40th birthday present.

For Spouses

Gifting a spouse requires attention to detail. Try adding spark to the occasion by maintaining the element of surprise. You could dine in your spouse's favorite restaurant, and arrange a gift to be presented there. Or, gift her a day at the spa, or buy a nice perfume. Jewelry is a beautiful way of expressing affection, one could gift zodiac pendants or bracelets, or order one with the person's birthstone.
Take note that the 40th year is the year of the ruby. Gift your wife some ruby gemstone jewelry, or the husband a pair of ruby cuff links. You could also gift a wrist watch to him, or surprise her by buying the pair of heels that she has been yearning for.
For the husband or boyfriend, one could choose from leather bound notebooks, cigar cases, perfumes, designer pens, etc. An annual membership to a gym would also be a great idea. A gift basket, complete with a bottle of wine and cheese varieties, would also make an ideal gift.

For Friends

One can use any of the above gift ideas for a friend as well. Red wine, when coupled with a pair of long-stemmed wine glasses would make a great gift for someone with fine taste. Personalized gifts are also well-appreciated by the receiver, as they voice a personal effort and interest in getting them. Personalized t-shirts carrying funny "over the hill" notes would also make good gifts.
Celebrating a 40th birthday can be a lot of fun. 40th birthday gifts need not always be exorbitant or grand in appearance, they could even be a bouquet of 40 roses, they just need to convey the message that is on your mind and in your heart! The message of sincerity, good wishes, and lots of love.