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40th Birthday Gag Gift Ideas

Are you looking for some gag birthday gifts for your parents, uncles, or aunts? Here, we tell you some of the best gag gifts you can buy as birthday presents for those who have turned 40.
At age 20, we worry about what others think of us. At 40, we don't care what they think of us. At 60, we discover they haven't been thinking of us at all.―Ann Landers
This is the state of every man and woman who turns 40. But even 40-year-olds deserve a birthday bash. They should step in this mature age with the same amount of happiness and enthusiasm as they felt when they turned 20.
A birthday is a reason to celebrate and a fortieth birthday should be celebrated with great pomp and splendor. If the birthday boy or girl is feeling sad about their age, then you can make them smile by giving them a handful of gifts.
Make sure to give them the gifts which don't make them feel old; the best option is to gift them something funny and useful at the same time. Here are a few 40th birthday gag gift ideas that will lighten up their day and make it a special one.

40th Birthday Gag Gifts for Women

Exploding Pen

This pen can be one of the best options for a 40th birthday gag gift. Just keep in mind that the lady you are giving this gift to does not have a weak heart or a bad temper. The pen explodes the moment someone takes off its cap.
This can be great fun, as you can imagine the woman's facial expression after she takes off the lid and instead of an ordinary writing pen, she gets an explosion.

Rubber Chocolates

These chocolates never melt in your mouth. They are made of rubber and they taste exactly like regular chocolates. You can gift this to someone who loves chocolates and has a sweet tooth.

Jack in the Box

It looks like an ordinary plastic box, but when you open it, it is a laughing joker's head or skull that pops out with scary sounds. It's a hilarious sight to see the expression on the lady's face when she opens an innocent looking gift box expecting something nice and only to find out a dancing skeleton with shining eyes and dangerous sound effects.

Homemade Gag Gifts for 40th Birthday

Reaching 40 is a milestone in itself. The fact that old age is a threat is real, but if you be happy and take care of your health, the threat is too far away in the future. You can surprise the birthday star by giving them some homemade gag gifts.

Survival Jacket

Take a cardboard box and decorate it with a glowing tissue paper to the outside. Place a few sheets on the inside so that your gift items are covered. Put a box of prunes, some denture cream, and a pair of reading glasses.
Also place a notepad, a pen, and a greeting card that says, "From now on I am going to write each thing that I do, so that I don't forget it every now and then".

Beware I am 40

If you are good with sewing and stuff, make a blanket that says, "Beware I am 40" on the back. If you aren't familiar with sewing then ask someone who is good at it to help you out. This can be an excellent example of a hilarious gift.

Picnic Basket

Middle aged people are like children. They get excited as well as angry. This is a tribute to them. Fill a basket with lollipops and fruits and add ribbons and a tag saying, "young at heart, old by walk".
We hope you liked the ideas on gag gifts for a 40th birthday. Whichever gift you buy or make, take care that the birthday star enjoys it and is not depressed.