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40th Birthday Celebration Ideas

Reshma Jirage
Birthdays are always special, and everyone looks forward to the surprises they bring. As people get older, they prefer to keep their birthdays a low-key affair, as it is a reminder of how they are moving further away from their youth. However, believe it or not, life begins at 40! Make your day special with some exciting 40th birthday celebration ideas.
Theme parties are always fun and give you a chance to get creative with your clothes, food, decorations, etc. Create an atmosphere based on movies, books, people, styles, and more! Some ideas include:

~ Fashion trends of your birth year
~ A movie theme, like Grease
~ Music/musicians of the 80's (or any year)
~ 19th century fashions
~ Popular book-based theme, like Wizard of Oz
~ 40-year old guests, '40'-inscribed balloons, 40-dollar gifts, etc.
If you are someone who loves the ocean, what better way to bring in your 40th birthday than by celebrating on a cruise. You can make it a private affair by inviting a few close friends and family, or make it a lavish event by inviting a lot of friends and acquaintances.
Hire a local band to perform your favorite songs if music is what moves you. You and your guests can enjoy the excitement of a live concert. As the birthday girl/boy, you could join the band in singing a few songs to live out your dreams of being a rock star as well!
You can choose to spend your birthday in a calmer, quieter way. Plan a trip to a nearby national park, or go camping with your friends. It would be an interesting way to celebrate and will give you a chance to reconnect with nature. You could also go for a rejuvenating trekking experience.
If you are an adventure freak, trying some adventure sports on your birthday would be an exciting way to enjoy your birthday with family and friends.
However, since it is you are 40, make sure you are in good physical shape to undertake activities, like para-sailing, skydiving, river-rafting, hang gliding, scuba diving, rock climbing, and more.
You can always choose to take the day off and spend time alone. Indulge in activities that you enjoy and which help you relax. It could be reading, eating, cooking, etc. Take the time to think about your life, to count your blessings and think about where you would want your life to head now.
Having a party at an orphanage, or an old age home, would help brighten up other people's day as well. You can organize a lunch, or a tea party and hire some clowns or a magician to ensure that the day is filled with laughter. You could also organize games that everyone can enjoy together.
You can adapt any of the above ideas to suit your budget and preferences in terms of the people you want to celebrate with. Turning 40 is an important milestone in your life. By this time, you have seen and experienced a lot of things. So it should definitely be a time to celebrate. It's your day, and you can choose to fill the day with excitement and thrills or decide to relax.