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Marvelous 40th Birthday Cake Ideas

Mayuri Kulkarni
Well, if you know someone who is going totally frantic about turning 40 and has been adjusting his/her birth date on social networking sites to maintain a semblance of youth, please remind them that a wine tastes better with age!
"Life begins on your 40th birthday. But so do fallen arches, rheumatism, faulty eyesight, and the tendency to tell a story to the same person, three or four times."
― Helen Rowland
Well, the aforementioned overwrought mortals who are doing everything they can to avoid admitting their age will be needed to be told the many benefits that follow (only and only) after one turns 40!
A person in his/her forties is deemed a sensible person, and so when they are talking, everybody else is listening because age equals to experience and experience equals to sensibility.
By the time people reach their fabulous 40, they become good at meteorology, and so when they make a conjecture on weather, their opinion is relied upon. Haha! You can give them a myriad of reasons to make them feel fantabulous about their age, and if none of them seem to work, then just throw a big birthday party with a marvelous birthday cake!

Ideas for the 40th Birthday Cake

Choosing the design and shape for the 40th birthday cake seems a tall order but relax as we have got you covered. Whether you want to emphasize on the number 40 or you want the cake to relate to the quirks and interests of the birthday boy or girl, you will get the inspiration and the requisite decorative cues from us. Coming below are birthday cake ideas.


Look for something that your birthday celebrant just cannot do without; it could be his favorite argyle sweater (you could have argyle patterned cake) or that car he just can't stop waxing lyrical about (the cake may carry the celebrant's favorite car brand logo), etc., birthday cake ideas are endless.
Cupcake tower is another great birthday cake idea for the birthday boy. The decorations can be taken from the celebrant's routine paraphernalia like geek glasses, bow, suit, tie, mustache, cap, et al.
If the birthday celebrant is not particularly the visually fastidious type (well, all men are), then you can simply focus on his favorite flavor and go for simple embellishments.


For women, Audrey Hepburn or Chanel can never become passé, so a nice interlocked C-lettered Chanel logo on the birthday cake will make her burst with adolescent excitement!
It goes without saying that the birthday girl's favorite flavor must take precedence; if 'she' is culinarily venturesome, then you can choose something unique like a pecan or mojito or even a custard apple.
If we were asked about one thing that women across all age groups find irresistibly cute, our answer would be a cupcake tower! You just cannot go wrong with this choice of birthday cake―it looks cute and elegant and you can go super creative with embellishment ideas!
Take a cue from your woman's wardrobe―it could one color that is writ large all over her wardrobe or her favorite tote bag or gorgeous flower decorations like rosette detailing or something like chocolate or vanilla bows! Use these ideas while deciding upon the cake.
Your cake choice will also depend on the overall birthday theme―like supposing you are planning for a Burlesque-inspired birthday theme, then a corset and hat cake would totally befit the naughty theme.
These were some cool, funny, and creative 40th birthday cake ideas for you. We hope these will give you the much-needed inspiration to make/order cake for the fabulous, quirky, lovable, and now venturing into the quadragenarian club!