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Great Party Favors for your 2 Year Old's Birthday

Tulika Nair Feb 28, 2020
Is your little one celebrating his second birthday? Then you need to be ready with birthday party favors for all the kids who are going to be at the party. Here, we give you some ideas on what are the birthday party favors that you can use.
So, your darling tiny tot is finally two years old and what other way to celebrate this special day than inviting all your friends and family. If you have kids at the birthday party, then it may be a good idea to give out goody bags that will make them very happy.
The task of choosing gifts for two year old kids and toddlers can be very difficult, as at this age it is important that they do not have access to anything that is even slightly harmful. So, which favors can be given out at your kid's birthday party?

Party Favor Ideas

It can be quite difficult to find party favors, as you need to be sure that they are age appropriate and most toys that are found at toy stores tend to be labeled for ages three and up. In such a scenario, how do you ensure that the goody bag you hand out to kids at the party is appropriate for them.
A good idea would be to stick to homemade gifts, as in such a case you would know what can be used by the kids and what cannot. You can save some money by using these.
Once you have decided on the theme of the party, you can start working on favors. The theme plays a huge role in deciding what could go into the goody bag you are making for your guests.
In case you have planned a pirate themed party, you could opt for treasure chest type containers in order to give away goodies, or in case you have opted for a princess theme, have the favors in goody bags designed to look like tiaras. These would be extremely appealing for the kids.
Another idea that you could use is to stick to the theme of two. Everything in the goody bag should represent the fact that this is your child's second birthday, so add two pencils, two notepads, two crayons, etc.
Try to personalize the favors you are giving out at the birthday. Get custom-made wrappers for the candies with the child's name on them, or if you have the budget, then their photograph on them.
Some good birthday party ideas for toddlers include having a person click photographs with a Polaroid camera of every guest and give it out with the goody bags at the end of the party. These photographs will function as good additions.
Other gifts that are appropriate for two year old kids can include a cloth book or board book. Kids love flipping through these books, as they are colorful and catch their attention. They are also educative and make for good favors even for one year old kids.
Dolls made of cloth can be a fun gift for kids. Give out stuffed animals as these too are very popular among small children. Another great alternative can be rubber ducks that today come in a wide variety with different characteristic features.
There are many toys that roll in the market which are labeled appropriate for this age group and it may be a good idea to opt for these as gifts.
With birthday party ideas that are innovative and out of the box, you can definitely come up with many favors for the kids who come as guests. Just ensure that these gifts do not cause any injury to the kids. With these ideas, there will be definite whoops of joy when the gift packets are opened.