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21st Birthday Party Themes

Aastha Dogra Feb 13, 2020
So you are planning to throw a bash on your 21st birthday, but have difficulty coming up with a unique theme? Read on for some innovative ideas, which will make your day special.
21st birthdays signify the coming of age for a person. It is the birthday most of us look forward to, as we get a kind of the legal sanction to be free, to booze, and to go pubbing with our friends. On a serious note, it is also the age when we feel mature, responsible, and start planning for our future and adult life. They are, thus, somewhat special and unique, and hence, require an equally special treatment. If you too are turning 21 soon and plan to celebrate it by throwing a party, then here are some awesome themes and ideas that you will surely find handy.
Fashion Show

If it's a girl's 21st birthday, we bet she will love this idea of having a fashion show at the party. On her birthday, the girl herself can get dressed to kill by wearing a long red gown, showing that now she is a lady. She can spice up her outfit by making it backless or bare from the abdomen a la Jennifer Lopez, to show that she can still be a brat and is free to do anything. Fashion shows, where everybody is dressed in their own individualistic style, make for a great 21st birthday party theme. To make this party idea even more exciting, one can keep a fashion competition and give away prizes to the most creatively dressed guests.
Gambling Night

One of the unique themes is organizing a gambling night to celebrate one's attainment of freedom to engage in gambling. This party theme, however, will need extensive planning. First of all, you will need to hire a banquet hall or a party place. Next, you will need to install gambling machines, roulette wheels, etc., to give the place the feel of a casino. Alternately, if you do not want to slog, you can go to a casino in your city with your friends and gamble the night away in their company.
Elvis Dance Theme

A fun theme is to have an Elvis dance theme party. For this, the birthday boy should be dressed like Elvis Presley, complete with white bell bottoms and the thick side burns. A game can be organized too, in which the birthday boy stands in the middle of the circle formed by his friends.
When the DJ plays music, his friends will start dancing in pairs. When the DJ stops the music, the birthday boy will put his hat on any of the girl's head, who will then join him for a dance, once the music starts again.
Again when the music stops, the birthday boy will take his hat and place it on some other girl's head, who will then change places with the previous girl and start dancing with the birthday boy. This Elvis birthday party idea is a good way to assert one's willingness to experiment in love and life.
Hippies Night

Having a hippies night is another special way to celebrate one's 21st birthday. The dress code for the party should be Bohemian clothing. The party place should be decorated with frills, and banners proclaiming peace and slogans against global warming. The music should be rock and roll, and everybody who comes to the party should be given a headband to wear. A hippie night would be incomplete without free-flowing alcohol. So stack whiskeys, beers, vodkas, and whatever you can lay your hands on.
In addition to having a great theme, the most important thing that can make or break a party is food. You can add a bit of creativity in that department too. You can make food fun by serving it differently. You can serve ice cream in a wine glass and top it up with hot chocolate and nuts or you can serve red tomato soup in tequila shot glasses to give it a different look.
Invitations are another thing that you should especially concentrate on. A good, innovative way to send out invitations is to write it on empty bear cans. It is offbeat and unique ideas like these, besides the presence of your friends, which will make your party a success and an everlasting memory.