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Planning a 21st Birthday Party

Reshma Jirage
Have you been counting days to turn 21? Haha, we all did that for obvious reasons. The 21st birthday definitely calls for a celebration. If you haven't planned it yet, fret not. BirthdayFrenzy is here to guide you with some rocking planning ideas, while you step into the 'legal adulthood' age.
Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.
― Franz Kafka
These lines are really perfect for a person who is celebrating his/her birthday. Plus, we are talking about 21st birthdays―being called a grown-up, liberty to do anything that is legal―is surely worth a jubilation. Spend this special day with your loved ones, and also grab the opportunity to get some wonderful birthday gifts.
Birthday parties make the special occasions in one's life truly memorable. They are like a treasure of memories that remain for a lifetime. As a 21st birthday is considered a milestone in a person's life, it should be celebrated in a special way. How to go about planning a birthday party and what all can be done is mentioned below.

21st Birthday Party Planning Ideas

The planning for a birthday party starts with party invitations. If you are thinking of throwing a themed party, then it should be clearly mentioned in the invitation card, so that the guests can prepare for it.
For the invites, you can add some 21st birthday sayings in an interesting manner. Mention the venue and time of the party. If you wish to have a small gathering, then a home or garden party would be a good idea.
You can arrange the party at a restaurant, hotel, nightclub, or pub, and dance the night away.
Decorations are an integral part of a birthday party. Decorate the party venue with birthday banners and colorful balloons. You can go for different decorations according to the theme of the birthday party.
For instance, if you are planning for a murder mystery theme, then decorate the venue as the crime setup with some props such as murder weapons. Likewise, for the pink party theme, use of pink tableware, pink tablecloth, and pink balloons would be a perfect.
Theme party is really a great idea for enjoyment. You can go for different themes such as 80s night, murder mystery, Vegas party, Masquerade ball, pink night, kids' party, Hawaiian party and winter wonderland.
For doing it the unique way, you can keep a fancy dress theme such as a bikini and grass skirt, a pink prom dress, a ball gown with a beautiful masquerade mask and fairy tale characters such as Wizard of Oz, angel, fairy or princess.
Another interesting thing that can be done is throwing a barbecue party? Arrange a wonderful outdoor party with some sumptuous barbecue menus. Include hotdogs and burgers on the grill along with some refreshing drinks.
Party games add a sense of thrill and entertainment in birthday parties. Play exciting games in your birthday party to keep the guests engaged and interested. Some of the popular party games are karaoke, twister, drinking games, pink poker table, and cocktail-making sessions.
If you are adventure-loving, then you can plan some outdoor activities with your friends. You can go for trekking or big wave surfing. These adventurous activities offer great excitement. But, while enjoying these adventurous activities, take proper precautions to avoid any accidents.
You can arrange a one-day picnic to a nearby hill station. It's definitely a great idea to spend the time with your closed ones. Or simply go for a long drive with your beloved one. It is quite a romantic idea to celebrate this special day, isn't it?
It's your 21st birthday, so enjoy it with a great gusto. With these unique party ideas, make your birthday party truly a memorable one.