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21st Birthday Ideas

Mayuri Kulkarni Feb 12, 2020
A 21st birthday is a milestone in everyone's life and it must be celebrated in a special manner. So, if you are about to turn 21 and planning to throw a party, then check out some of the ideas given in this BirthdayFrenzy article.
Your 21st birthday is special, since you have legally entered your adulthood. The previous milestone birthday that had such importance was probably your 16th birthday. Since a 21st birthday is so special for you, your family and friends, the party should be special and memorable. Let us discuss some party ideas, with respect to themes, food, and gifts.

21st Birthday Plans

While planning a 21st birthday party you need to think on a number of factors. Firstly you need to chalk out the approximate budget of the party. This will give you an idea about how to plan the other party requirements. These include the venue of the party, indoor or outdoor, home or restaurant, etc.
If you are planning to celebrate it at home, then you have two choices for the party food. Either prepare the food yourself or hire professionals. The party food should be chosen very carefully. Music is very important at such parties, so make sure you have made a good collection of music to play.
Since 21 is considered the legal age for drinking alcohol, you can also include alcoholic drinks at the party. But you should also consider younger guests at the party and arrange separate drinks for them.

21st Birthday Party Ideas

At the age of 21, you are an adult, and hence you are expected to throw an adult party for your buddies. Before planning any other party element, the first thing that you should decide is the party venue. Moreover, you also need to take care of the budget. If you want to throw an expensive party, then you may consider arranging it in a restaurant or a hotel.
If you have budget constraints, you can also organize it at home. Other options for party venues include a club, a spa, a pub, etc. If you are staying in a coastal area, then nothing can be greater than a beach party.
If you and your friends are adventure lovers, then you can go for some real sports like hiking, trekking, or parachuting. After all, a 21st birthday party need not be too formal.

21st Birthday Party Invitations

For a 21st birthday party, you require invitations that will highlight the importance of this milestone birthday. Moreover, it will also help you to convey the party date, time, and venue. You can mention the theme in this invitation, so that the guests will come dressed appropriately.
You can even use 21st birthday sayings in the invitation. Given below is one such sample invitation wording for a 21st birthday.
21 years have finally passed
I can order a margarita
An adult forever from now on I'll be
But I'll never be too old for a pinata

Join me at my 21st birthday party on (date) at (time)
(complete address)
Regrets only (contact number)

21st Birthday Themes and Gifts

A 21st birthday party theme largely depends on the venue. If you are celebrating at your home, then you can come up with some specialized themes. If you have a pool area in your house, then you can arrange an exotic pool party with themes like a Hawaiian or beach theme.
For a more customized and high-budget party, you can go for a masquerade party. Do not forget to mention the theme in the invitation. For more customized themes, the guests may require additional time to find the appropriate outfits. Since a 21st birthday is a memorable day, even the presents can be customized ones, rather than traditional gifts.
If you have to gift a girl, then collect 21 different accessories and wrap them in beautiful paper. Else, t-shirts with 21 number on them also make good gift ideas for both, girls and boys.

These were some ideas that can be implemented to make your birthday truly memorable.