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21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Charlie S Feb 16, 2020
What can be the ideal 21st birthday gift idea for a best friend or someone close to you? If this is the question on your mind, then the creative and innovative ideas suggested here will prove to be useful. So, read on to know more.
The twenty-first birthday is always a special moment for all. So, celebrating it in a big way would indeed be a very cool idea. For all those guys who wish to impress their girlfriends, it is important to understand that the gift for her should be something unique and different. The ideas mentioned here will surely be appreciated by her.

... for Girls

Gold Jewelry

Jewelry can be one of the best gifts for your girlfriend on her 21st birthday. It is a well accepted fact that young girls are fond of jewelry and they like it the most when it comes in the form of gifts on special days like birthdays.
So, go to a local store, buy some attractive jewelry with nice designs and fulfill her wish on this special day.

A New Purse or Handbag

Young girls are always very possessive of fancy purses and handbags. These bags help them carry all essential items such as licenses, identity cards, money, medicines etc, when they are out. The purses are very useful while shopping too.
Apart from their use in daily life, these purses add to the style quotient of a girl. You can go to a shopping mall and choose from some of the best brands available there.
Do choose a good color such as black or pink which would suit well on your girlfriend. You will get more ideas for 21st birthday presents for females by surfing the Internet.

New Clothes

New clothes can certainly be one of the finest 21st birthday gifts.
Depending on what kind of clothes your girlfriend likes to wear, you can make a choice between formal or casual clothes. Look for good quality cotton clothes which will last long and improve her overall appearance.

... for Boys

Electronic Gadgets

Electronic gadgets can be one of the best 21st birthday gifts for boys. Generally guys love to own the latest and most stylish gadgets for work and entertainment purposes. So, a laptop, i-Pod, mobile phone, television set VCD or desktop computer can be some of the most brilliant choices of gifts.
On your boyfriend's birthday, have it delivered at his home as a surprise and you can be assured that he will appreciate it wholeheartedly.


Books can be an ideal gift for him to enhance his knowledge. You can present him with books on science, geography, mathematics, wildlife, nature or just story books. In the company of books, he will spend his spare time in peace.

Artistic Masterpieces

If he is a real art lover, then he will surely like your gift and thank you for your kind gesture. If possible, try to paint them yourself instead of buying them from an arts and crafts store. Self made greeting cards and gift items can also be a good choice for him.
Hopefully, the mentioned ideas will help you buy those precious gifts with ease. Apart from these suggestions you can also think of some other of your own choice. Happy shopping and enjoy yourself!