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1st Birthday Party Ideas for Twins

Rashida Khilawala Feb 17, 2020
You need to give a lot of thought to 1st birthday party ideas for twins. It is not an ordinary one. It is the first party that the two of them will celebrate together. So, it ought to be a good one, right? Well, check out these ideas!
So, you are going for double the fun, huh! Twin birthday parties can be much more fun, not only to organize but to partake in as well. However, considering that it is a first birthday, it could be difficult to come up with party ideas, right? Well, that is where we step in. Here are a few good ones, just for you!

Twin Boys

Two male rugrats will be quite a thing for you to handle in the coming years. However, as of now you get to enjoy their infancy. Their first birthday needs to be as impish as you can make it. Before we get to the ideas, make sure that you have two cakes. Even at such a small age, boys will be boys.
Get two separate cakes for them, depending on their favorite color of flavors. Though most parties have more adults than kids, you can organize games that require 2 teams. You can have a macho matching theme.
Like everyone has to dress as macho as possible (even the women) and people have to match in pairs. Very twinsy, right? Well, the food menu, etc. will be according to your taste and the popular appeal of the guests.

Twin Girls

Oh boy! I can only imagine a pink fairytale room. You can have both the 'princesses' wearing tiaras. Again, two cakes will be needed as girls tend to get territorial amongst each other. You can have artsy games for all the guests, like a tattooing or drawing competition.
You can have the matching theme here as well. Or you could go for the 'snow white and rose red' theme. Being a girls party, it needs to be as classy as can be. Keep a formal dress code and ban smoking anywhere in the area.
Women (even when a year old) need to be treated right, right? Again, you can go for the food menu as per the appeal of the guests. However, a strawberry ice-cream, or any pink-colored desert should go well with the theme.

A Boy and a Girl

This is one fantasy family anyone would want to have! Twins, one boy and one girl. A warning before the first birthday party: you need to have two cakes here too. You see, boys and girls tend to have different tastes. So, on the basis of that you can have two different cakes.
You can divide the room in two parts. One for all the boys and one for all the girls. The designing can be done in accordance with that. Like, have the boys side filled with cars and GI Joes and have the girls section filled with balloons and Barbie dolls.
We are sure some of the girls will get a few cars from the boys section. But, didn't we expect that already? You can also have boys vs girls competitions and themes. You can have different beverages in the boys and girls section. The boys section can have blue drinks and the girls section can have pink ones. Can't you picture the pretty party already?
Party ideas for your little twins aren't too hard to come up with. Just a little bit of imagination, and you can have the perfect one that you had imagined. These ideas can help you plan a rollicking kids' birthday party for your one-year olds.
Just make sure you have an extra set of clothes for them. Be it boys or girls, they are most likely to spoil their clothes. More so, it is best to plan a party of one-year olds, indoors.
This can help you keep an eye on them easily and lesser dirt for them to get on the clothes. Too much noise could scare the little munchkins, so keep the volumes low. This is where we sign off!