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Wonderful 1st Birthday Cake Ideas

Reshma Jirage
The first birthday of your child is perhaps the first party you throw for him after he's born. It's indeed a very special day and certainly calls for a grand celebration.
The bundle of joy you brought home 12 months ago has reached his first milestone! Such a special day for both, the parents and the baby. They say the first year is the toughest; congratulations on completing it successfully.
The first birthday party is an exceptional occasion, maybe not grand per se, but definitely different. While other aspects of the party might be easy to plan (such as the theme, decorations, favors, etc.), the cake tests your originative thinking for sure.


Cupcakes are your best bet. They're easy to make, easy to serve and easy to add variety too. Want all the kids at the party to freak out? Prepare different cupcakes and let them choose which one they want.

For a Girl

For a Boy

For the Twins


For a Girl

For a Boy

Big Cakes

Want to have the biggest cake for your child on his first birthday? It better be the best then. If you're spending so much on it, make sure you're right with the design.
If it's a boy, choose a cake that has things like cars, trucks and spaceships on it. Your theme can revolve around the cake then.
Similarly, for girls you can have barbies, purses, bows, fairies or female cartoon characters. It isn't always necessary to stereotype the cake, you can also choose a design that doesn't focus on gender.

Something Simple

Something Not-so-simple

Something Elegant

Having a preppy party? Well then, your cake has to be no different. Select something really elegant and sophisticated. If you have a baby girl, go for the obvious pink, but not too much of it. If it's a boy, it's blue. However, if you have twins, a girl and a boy, go for the neutral purple.

For Boy or Girl

For the Twins

A Piece of Happiness

You can never go wrong with a piece or slice of your favourite cakes. Be it a vanilla cake with a strawberry filling or a caramel cake with cheese frosting. Prepare it a day before in advance and refrigerate till the time of the birthday party. Serve it to your little guests, they will surely love it!

A Slice of Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Filling

Cup It Up!

Have no help at the event and after it? Bake cupcakes in mugs and serve them to your guests. You can also have the same cake, a little more decorated of course, as the birthday cake.
This idea is great when you have an event the next day and your preparations haven't even started. After the party, the mugs go in the dishwasher and you calmly go to bed.

Mug Cakes

Use these 1st birthday cake ideas to plan your party perfectly. Decide on the one you like the best but also think of which one is the most feasible. Have a great party!