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Themes for 18th Birthday Party

Parul Solanki
The 18th birthday party is a milestone in your teenager's life. Celebrate this day in style with some of the cool 18th birthday party themes.
The 18th birthday party is a milestone for your teenager which marks the age when you step from adolescence into adulthood. So, if you are planning to throw a big bash for your teenager on his or her 18th birthday, then here are some teenage party themes and ideas that will help you.

18th Birthday Party Themes for Girls

Toga Party Theme

This birthday party idea is a great choice for the big bash that you are planning. From being dressed in simple bedsheets tied up as togas to elegant ancient Roman costumes reminiscent of the Greek gods, make sure your guests are dressed for your Roman party in style.
You can use imprinted trellis and fountain invitations or use handmade scrolls as your party invitation. Toga parties mean decorating the venue in hues of white and gold. You can use gold paint and also decorate the venue with vines and drapes or gossamers of white and golden.
Add Greek columns, terracotta urns, pedestals and classical statue busts made of paper mache to complete the look. The activities can include awards of best costumes, accessories and Roman goddess lookalikes.

Spa Party Theme

Girls love to be pampered and a spa party for your 18-year old at any day spa is a perfect way for her to unwind with her friends.
From soothing massages, aromatherapy, relaxing manicures and pedicures to heated soaks and warm mud wraps, spa parties are a definite winner with the teens. If your day spa is busy for the big day, then you can transform your house into a relaxing spa retreat.
For the decorations, place a number of green plants, stacks of fluffy white towels, aroma candles and lots of fresh fragrant flowers. A small electronic waterfall and lots of nice pillows and blankets to complete the look. Book appointments with masseuses or pedicurists for the party.
As for the food, light finger foods and refreshing drinks are your best bets when planning this party.

18th Birthday Party Themes for Boys

Pool Party Theme

It is a party theme for boys, the pool party is an amazing co-ed party idea. Although the pool parties do not really need fancy decorations, add a Hawaiian touch to your party with accessories like tiki torches, bamboo accents and tropical flowers.
Chaise lounges placed around the pool along with brightly colored towels will allow your guests to sit back and relax. Place a nice cooling drink and sunscreens on tables next to the chaise lounges.
Fill the pool with bright beach balls for your guests to enjoy and have some fun with games like beach volleyball or water polo. Assorted finger foods and snacks like tortilla chips and salsa are a perfect food accompaniment for the party.

Bonfire Party Theme

An amazing outdoor party idea, the bonfire theme is something that your teen will love. Before the party, you need to hunt for a suitable location. A trip to one of the nature parks or beaches around your place is a good idea.
Themed party invitations can be sent out to set the tone of the party. A shovel for making the pit and loads of wood are needed for this party. You can get hotdogs and other foods to roast over the fire.
In addition to these themes, remember that when you are hosting the party, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Provide supervision for the party but do not be too bossy. Nothing is more embarrassing for your 18-year old than an overprotective parent.
Also, when you are selecting the themes for 18th birthday party, take into consideration your teen's choices as well. Even if the birthday bash is not an extravagant one, planning in advance can make it one of the most memorable days in your teenager's life.