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18th Birthday Memorabilia

Rimlee Bhuyan Feb 11, 2020
Looking for ideas for an 18th birthday memorabilia that will be cherished forever? Then you are on the right page.
When you are celebrating a loved one's milestone birthday, then you would love to gift them something that they can keep as a keepsake. It is not necessary that the memorabilia be something expensive, but it should be something that piques their interest. 18th birthday is something that most teenagers look forward to with lots of anticipation.
Along with a rocking birthday celebration, why not give them a keepsake that will remind them of this wonderful day? A birthday memorabilia is different from a birthday gift. It should have some sentimental value and should be special. If you are having trouble coming up with appropriate and unique 18th birthday memorabilia we are here to help you.
We will not only give you some great ideas on keepsakes that are worth giving for an 18th birthday, but will also give you some inspiration on birthday memorabilia that you can craft. Because lets face... there is nothing more valuable than a handmade gift.

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Collectibles and Memorabilia as 18th Birthday Gifts

Photo Pendant

A photo pendant makes a great 18th birthday memorabilia for a girl. You can give one to your young daughter or niece when she turns 18. A black and white photograph of the birthday girl when she was a baby makes a great photo for the pendant.
To make this kind of photo pendant, all you need are miniature self adhesive frames, metal pendants and strong glue. Scan a suitable photograph into the computer and reduce its size. Print the photo out and cut it to fit the metal pendant.
Glue it to a self adhesive frame and stick the frame over the metal pendant. Attach a silver chain through the pendant and voila! You have a charming photo pendant memorabilia is ready.

Memory Shadow Box

Another great 18th birthday gift idea is a memory shadow box. It can be fashioned out of a small wooden box and used to display some of the best memories of childhood. From the birthday boys favorite sports paraphernalia to postcards from holidays, you can place any item that holds a significant meaning.
Take time to assemble a shadow box as a well displayed shadow box has the power to remind the person of days gone by. You can make a memory shadow box by using an old wooden box, a jewelry box or even a sturdy hat box. Beautify it by painting the interiors of the shadow box or by using strips of colorful fabric and wallpaper.

Travel Collages

Do you recall taking your kid to his first out-of-town holiday? Most kids have a fond memory of their first trip out-of-town. Wouldn't it be nice to recapture those memories and present a memorabilia for your teens 18th birthday. First hunt through all your junk and find all the things related to the trip that you have collected.
If you look carefully you are sure to find things like old maps, air tickets, candy wrappers, photographs and postcards. Once you have collected everything, scan them on your computer and arrange them in a pleasing collage. Enlarge the collage, print it and finally frame it. Write down a few remarks and the date of the trip.

Photo Mosaic

Large wall sized photo mosaic makes one of the best and most dramatic 18th birthday memorabilia. A photo mosaic is created with a large number of individual photographs to create a single artwork. You can use pictures of your teenagers fondest memories into one single photo mosaic.
Imagine what can be cool than that...There are a number of websites that will help you in creating a photo mosaic. It makes a great birthday memorabilia that a person will treasure forever.
A memorabilia is a keepsake so try to personalize for your teenager. Even if teenagers might dismiss such memorabilia as cheesy, they are actually quite pleased to receive it.