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Ideal 18th Birthday Gifts for Girls

Shalu Bhatti Feb 16, 2020
An 18th birthday is the most important birthday in a girl's life! Read on to know 18th birthday gifts for girls, if you are, or if you know a girl celebrating this special birthday of her life!
"From birth to age eighteen, a girl needs good parents. From eighteen to thirty-five, she needs good looks. From thirty-five to fifty-five, she needs a good personality. From fifty-five on, she needs good cash." ~ Sophie Tucker
A girl's life is filled with so many roles and stages! When a girl turns 18, she's no more a girl, she is a young woman, ready to step into the real and grown up world, face challenges, explore her inner self, moving forward in the path of what she wishes to be, both in her career and as a person.
Considering that she is in such an important yet transitional phase on her 18th birthday, here are some interesting gift ideas that can make her birthday as special as she wished it to be.

List of Some Good 18th Birthday Gifts for Girls

As Sophie Tucker says, till 18 a girl needs good parents and then she needs good looks... :)! 18 is the age to experiment and try all the possible beauty and fashion trends.
After all, it's experimenting that will help you realize your actual preferences and things that you can call,"Your kinda things"! Just go through the following list and read about the amazing gifts for girls on their 18th birthday!

Re-decorate Her Room

Parents can do a room-makeover for their 18-year-old girl in a way that it will reflect her personality and her aspirations.
If you don't get to spend much time with your girl, then this a good way by discussing what and how she would like her room to look. This will also give you an insight of how your little girl has grown up to be, her likes and dislikes, what are her aspirations..., in short, it will give you the opportunity to know and understand her in a better way! :)

Enhance Her Beauty

From 18 and beyond she needs good looks and an amazing personality! Every women in the world is beautiful! But personality needs to be enhanced.
She needs to let go of the teenage personality and groom herself to be a young woman. Gift her a session with her chosen beauty therapist. A spa and rejuvenation voucher would also help her feel like a queen. A voucher to her favorite hair salon would again be an excellent 18th birthday gift idea!

A New Ride...?

Well, if your budget allows you, why not! Gift your girl a brand new ride and let her drive it down with all her friends and enjoy the day with them!
She is stepping out to an independent phase where she has to deal with situations and responsibilities herself! So, among the many possible options, gifting her a new car and giving her chance to explore her independence and freedom, would be worth a remembrance for her!

New Outfits and Accessories!

No matter how many new outfits she has, girls are never satisfied! The trends keep on changing and girls like to keep up with it.
Gifting her with new outfits and clothes on her 18th birthday becomes all the more special because of the phase she is in right now. Most of the 18-year-old girls pass out of school, may be get a job but at the same time! Her life has the essence of both adulthood along with a pinch of the teenage fun!
Go out shopping with her and let her choose her own choice of formal wears, dresses, outfits, handbags, jewelry (may be a ring for her belly piercing), footwear, perfumes..., anything that suits her personality! When will she get a chance to experiment... 40??

Let Her See The World

By this, we mean travel or holiday gifts! If she loves traveling, you can gift her the tickets to her favorite holiday destination!
Ask her if she wants to be accompanied by her friends or family and plan likewise. If you want her to be in the same place then you can get her vouchers for some of her favorite adventure trips, like a hot air balloon ride, river rafting, scuba diving, anything that you know she would love! :-)

Communication Gadgets

Communication is something which is very important to a girl. Girls just love to express themselves!
Although a little heavy on the pocket, but it's definitely something the birthday girl would love! Gifting her with a new trendy cell phone, blackberry, customized laptops, ipads, tablets, etc., can be sure shot gift she would like. Imagine her smiling face when she opens it and flaunts it to her friends with immense pride and happiness. :-)

Let's Get Some Music Grooving!

Music and entertainment are the gift items that never go out of the 'favorite gift items list'.
You can gift her with the latest iPod in the market. You can also gift her with a personalized CD/DVD with her favorite music stored into it! A new sound system for her car would also be a good option. Also, if you get a chance to, you can get tickets to her favorite band's concert!

Encouraging Active Lifestyle

If your girl is into an active lifestyle, you can gift her with some sports accessories of her favorite sport, or may be a gym membership.
Yoga and meditation classes, aerobics, or similar activities would be an unusual gift for 18th birthday, but again, a good choice that can 'shape' her future in a better way!

A Keepsake?

Well, although here we give you a lot of options of what the ideal 18th birthday gifts would be, the point to be noted is that before the 18th birthday, comes a 16th birthday! Therefore, most of the aforementioned gift options are already considered during that time!
There are many girls who have everything possible on the list already, and they still wonder what to ask for their 18th birthday. In this case, a keepsake would make an excellent choice.
You can get a keepsake with lucky charms and her name engraved on it. That would be something that she can keep with her for the rest of her life, and the keepsake will remind her of you and her 18th birthday, forever! :-)
The best 18th birthday gifts for girls would be something which is personalized. Not all girls are the same. In fact, we know many girls who don't like make up, hate to travel... all have different personalities and their unique personalities make them beautiful.
Many girls find it difficult to choose what they want for their 18th birthday because they end up taking everything beforehand. One way to avoid such a situation is to NOT shop at all starting from a month or two before your birthday! :) We hope the mentioned ideas helped you figure out the gift you would want to get for her.
In fact, you can also combine many ideas together. Like you can get a spa voucher for her for the early part of the day, then arrange a champagne lunch and then some fun activities, followed by a limo pick-up to dinner, or her favorite concert. Get her some nice outfits and accessories to give her the gorgeous feel!
Your gift need not be expensive, if it's well thought of and personalized, even a small thoughtful gift can also make her smile on her birthday, even when she thinks of it over the years to come!