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15th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

Neha Joshi Feb 26, 2020
This year, celebrate your child's 15th birthday with amazing, unique, and crazy party ideas.
From the invitations you send out, to the favors you give, everything you need for a great 15th birthday party is mentioned here. This year, do something different. Give everyone who comes to your party something to talk about. Let's see how?


The Invitations

Make invitations funny and put humorous quotes in it. Don't just invite your friends for your birthday with the normal request to join you for your birthday. For example, instead of saying don't get any gifts, say that they aren't allowed to come without gifts. Let people look forward to your party once they see the invitation.

The Themes

Having a theme is a lot of fun. There are a lot of themes you can choose from―pirates, cartoons, vampires/werewolves, superheroes, or fairy tales.
If you decide to have a theme for the party, don't forget to mention it in the invitation. Remember, when you start decorating the venue, everything from the centerpieces to the colors you use, has to be related to the theme.

The Food

The only thing you need to keep in mind is to not serve anything boring. Pizza is an all time favorite, so this could be one of the items on the menu. Keep a variety of mocktails so that everyone gets to taste something different at your party.
Serve a different dessert―something that is unique and related to the theme you choose. The cake again, has to be in accordance with the theme.

The Games

There are a lot of games that you can play on your birthday. One of the best games would be a treasure hunt. This too, should be related to the theme.
Suppose you choose the pirate theme. You can then keep hints relating to the world of pirates. This is surely going to be very exciting, isn't it? What's more? You can also write all the hints in the pirate language.

The Favors

The favors for your party have to be something that everyone would love. Give something that is unique or something that has just been launched―a new game, DVD of a new movie, etc.
You can also gift everyone a book (this can again be related to the theme) or maybe just a unique accessory. If you don't have the time to think of something different, go to a good stationery store and check out their new arrivals.
Now that you know how these unique party ideas, you can throw an amazing party this year. Make sure you plan everything in advance and not leave anything for later.