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Awesome 13th Birthday Party Ideas

Gagan Dhillon Mar 2, 2020
13th birthday party is a big deal not only for the new teen, but also for the parents. Needless to say, the birthday party ought to be special and out of this world. Take a look at some fun and different birthday party ideas here.
If we were still in the tribal era, then the 13th birthday would be the time when a child would be initiated into the big exciting world. It's on this day that the child feels all grownup, but isn't too old for some good, old childish games.
Every parent will want to make their kid's 13th birthday party special and unique. Have a look at the party ideas given here. We're sure you will find some ideas that will suit your needs.
We all know that when we grow up, we have these small snapshots of our best childhood memories in our minds. Every parent that throws a party for their child is contributing to these happy snapshots.
The ideas for the birthday party that are mentioned earlier will help you make the most unique and happy snapshots for your teen. These ideas will seal the bond of love and friendship between the child and his friends.

For Girls

Spend some quality time

This is one of the most unique birthday parties for girls. This is the stage that girls are developing their interest in clothes and fashion. So, if you want to spend some quality time with your daughter, then take her out shopping that day.
You can invite her closest friends also. Have a girls' day out and treat her to a mouth-watering chocolate sundae or anything that she fancies. If you are fine with it, then you can also take them to a salon and let them get pampered. Trust us, your daughter will remember this for years to come!

Have a slumber party

Throwing slumber a party is another great idea. You can invite your daughter's girlfriends, order some cheesy and mouth-watering pizzas, and let the fun begin.
You can give your daughter a play make-up kit or your old make-up kit so that the girls can spend the night gossiping and trying out the different looks from magazines.

Organize a theme party

If your daughter loves big parties, then invite all her friends over to a theme party. You can have a 60's theme party or a Hollywood night party. Have everyone dress in costumes, and make sure that the party decorations are according to the theme.
You can come up with your own ideas and themes. It will just need a bit of thinking. So, get started!

For Boys

Spend some quality time

13th birthday is the perfect opportunity for some father-son bonding. You can take your son and his closest friend out to a camping trip. Have a small party around a bonfire and roast marshmallows.
Or you can even narrate some of your stories to the boys and hear some of their mischievous stories too. Sounds fun, isn't it?

A Day Out

One more exciting idea for a birthday party. Take your boy and his friends out for the day to a theme park. They can enjoy various rides and have a swell time screaming their guts out. You can also take the boys out for a game of laser tag, rock climbing, or to a gaming parlor.
These games are the perfect way to harness all that energy and give your boy the perfect birthday party.

Pool Party

Boys love pool parties. If you have adequate supervision around, a pool party can be one of the best idea for holding a birthday party. Order in some pizzas and watch the boys splash about in the pool.
To throw a unique and fun birthday party all you need to do is think out of the box. So what are you waiting for? Get busy planning the perfect and the most memorable birthday party that your kid would ever have.