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Fun Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year s

Aparna Jadhav Feb 28, 2020
When your child is going to be 10 years old, he/she deserves a party! Find here some great 10 year old birthday party ideas and take your pick.
Children find birthdays extremely exciting, as they not only have their entire world doing nice things for them, but the excitement of turning a year older is even more.
Since it is a huge accomplishment for kids who turn 10 years old, they love to party with all their friends and family. You have to plan it in such a way that kids have a great time. You need to make it fun and enjoyable with various themes, decorations, games, and activities.
A kids' party has to have a huge cake, lots of games, colorful party supplies, food, and music. Here are some fun 10 year old birthday party ideas.


First, pick a venue and then make all the arrangements. Since it's a party for a 10 year old, your home itself can be the venue. But if you want to have a big party, renting an outdoor or indoor venue would be a good idea.
If you want to give your child a surprise for his/her 10th birthday, you can book a theme park, water park, restaurant, bowling alley, etc. This way, they can have the best birthday with their friends and family.


Every party has some theme or the other, which is what makes it even more interesting and enjoyable. Themes make it easy to decorate the venue using specific decorations and supplies. You can also have a particular dress code and organize fun games related to the theme as well.
Kids this age are playful and are fascinated by circus, cartoons, superheroes, musicians, fictional characters, different colors, etc. Thus, you have a plus point in picking a theme if you know what fascinates your kid.
Depending on this, you can choose a theme for the party and get the required decorations, invitations, supplies (hats, crowns, wares, cups and plates, etc.), and favors.
For boys, you can use themes such as sports, Harry Potter, countryside, superheroes, cartoons, etc.
For girls, using themes such as slumber party, Disney fairy tales, princess themes, water world can also use it to make the birthday cake.


If you are planning a birthday party for a 10 year old, you have to organize some fun games. Most of the attendees for this party are either 10 years of age or younger than that, so games and activities are a must.
There are various party games for kids, such as scavenger hunts, minute to win it games, competitions, races, karaoke, arts and crafts, etc., which are all very enjoyable. If you are going to have the party at an outdoor venue, you can have some sports too, which can be fun as well.


You have to think about some delicious foods and appetizers, as kids get hungry. Serving lunch or dinner could be a great idea, but appetizers prove to be more filling during parties.
Finger foods, pizzas, nachos with dip, onion rings, potato skins, French fries, chicken wings, sandwiches and burgers, pastries, lemonade, and ginger ale can be some of the items you can have on the menu.
Last but not the least, you can't forget the "Birthday Cake", which is what all those tiny guests have their eyes on! If you have a theme for the party, baking or buying a cake related to it can be the biggest treat for all your guests.
You can make use of the aforementioned ideas and start planning your kid's birthday. So, pick a theme, book a place, order the cake, and you are all set to make this birthday one of the best day of your child's life!